We cannot accept orders if the requested design contains any elements equivalent to the following. Furthermore, regardless of the following, we may not be able to accept orders for designs that we judge inappropriate.

We cannot accept orders for designs containing the following.

1. Material infringing on the copyrights of another party

  • ・Entertainers, public personalities, characters (including drawn likenesses resembling actual photos)
  • ・Logos of businesses, brand names, etc.
  • ・Trademarks or other marks identified by the ® symbol
  • ・Official names of businesses, brand names, etc.
  • ・Names or nicknames of persons we deem to be famous persons
  • ・Company signs, logos, characters, posters, etc., exposed in photos
  • ・Large depictions of buildings or structures we deem to be famous
  • ・Large depictions of automobiles and other vehicles
  • ・Vehicle license plates

2. Immoral material

  • ・Nudity, dressed in underwear, etc.
  • ・Sexual expressions (including marks or symbols that invoke such images)
  • ・Lewd, obscene language (including partial spellings)
  • ・Insulting or offensive content
  • ・Expressions that promote or could promote excessive alcohol consumption, the use of illegal substances, alcohol consumption or tobacco use by minors
  • ・Content that solicits or could support suicide, self-harm, or the use of drugs
  • ・Content that could be offensive, harm, or attack a specific person, country, or group
  • ・Content that could be offensive, harm, or attack a religion, culture, ethnicity, nationality, etc.
  • ・Content that supports or promotes criminal activity
  • ・Offensive content, including antisocial content
  • ・Other content deemed to contradict public moral

3. Content for the purpose of advertisements or promotions

  • ・Flyers
  • ・QR codes and URLs

4. Content related to personal information

  • ・Personal information including names, telephone numbers, addresses, etc. (including suspected partial information)
  • ・IDs for Twitter, LINE, etc. (including suspected partial information)