Uq font detail
【法田勇虫】ギタリスト 浜田省吾、鈴木雅之、来生たかお、徳永英明など、多数、国内・海外アーティストのサポートをしてきた[ギタリスト・法田勇虫]、80年代の自画像ミニトートバッグです。
Design costs

*Cost for color option and design costs will be incurred for each piece.

*White part within the design will not be printed on items with color name "WHITE" or "OTHER".

*Copyright will be printed on the left bottom side of your item when licensed sticker is used.

*"Sweat full zip parka"will be printed on the back.

Can not be changed for all size sold out. Please change the item.
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